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About Us

Sixteen by Sixty-four Media is a company that excels in various forms of media and communications. Formed in 2008 and based out of Pune, Sixteen by Sixty-four Media is a unique collection of passionate minds that find excitement and satisfaction in creating and delivering well thought ideas and strategies through different forms of media. It is a set of hard working, frappuccino fuelled minds with unique, diverse and vast backgrounds. The prodigious exposure equally in professional and educational settings makes it one unique organization that is unrivalled when it comes to taking up challenges, where conventions need to be challenged and when the bar for excellence has to be raised even higher by exploring possibilities which have never been imagined.

We are on the ground through Events

In the public eye through Films

In the minds through Advertising

Activate. Fascinate. Stimulate.


The Philosophy

16 forms of knowledge. 64 forms of art The ancient Indian approach for all that needs to be communicated, with effect and elegance. We, at 16by64 believe in the power of communication, creating tailor-made solutions to take the message across to the target through a rich mix of media, with nothing lost in translation and everything gained in effective impact. According to the Indian mythology, the world comprises of 16 forms of ‘vidya’ (knowledge) and 64 forms of ‘kala’ (arts). Nothing more exists. We believe that everything that is said in today’s world needs to be communicated using the right form of knowledge and the right form of art. The use of a specific logic and an appropriate art to reach the target with a profound effect is at the core of our ideology. We, at Sixteen by Sixty-four strive to reach the audiences through a rich mix of media using the most effective combination of logic and art. It is the orange dot that signifies the effective combination, it is this combination which is central to our image and our vision.

The Story

The story begins at ‘Roopa’, a coveted place for all the Purushottam Karandak participants from one of Pune’s leading engineering colleges, PVG’s COET; theatre was the passion that brought us together and holds us close even today to the morals, instincts and that emotion. Sixteen by Sixty-four is a passion driven company which came to life when five very close friends and talented individuals came together, to work together and to make something larger than the sum of it’s parts. The basic idea of the founders was pure, simple and simultaneous - to get together, enjoy creating and delivering fresh ideas that would last and take them to the masses. And do all of this knowing the fact that they can do it much better. With an exact knowledge of each other’s strengths, ways of thinking and working, the next natural and logical step was to embark together on this exciting journey. Since members of the core team had already received fantastic exposure in the field of media, the necessary professional approach was taken care of effectively and a new idea called 16by64 took it’s roots right from the background of theatre, through the professional exposure and importantly through the passion for media, passion to create, passion to pursue and the passion to deliver.

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